Weak erection is recognized clinically as erectile dysfunction. And, the problem arises of the reproductive organs can work effectively.

Moreover, in this issue, individuals tend to lose up to be successful lovemaking.

Also, is the embarrassing problem that tends to erase the shame of personal relationships, because the male partner to meet the needs of the female partner.

In addition, each person must face the problem of constructing at least once in their lives but, when this matter of sexual relationships, need to find safe and effective ways to deal with this problem.

However, it is estimated that erectile dysfunction is caused weakness of the nervous system. In particular, the parasympathetic nervous weakness of the main reasons for building problems.

Furthermore, the parasympathetic nerves connect the brain to the reproductive organs, and translates the signals from the brain to the male organ. Also received, the connection between the brain and the male organ is disturbed because of the weakness of certain nerves. And in fact, build problem due to the relationship between the brain and the male organ basis.

However, there are many reasons that may interfere with the function of the nervous system. First, the practice of excessive hand one of the main reasons for this problem. Second, the excessive smoking and drinking habits as well as neurological function.

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Third, the lifestyle is damaging the nervous system that occurs due to erection problems. Fourth, it is certain prescription drugs can interfere with the functioning of nerves, such as antidepressants.

But, there are some effective herbal used in herbal medicine for erectile can strengthen weak nervous system. In addition, they are from natural sources, because they are completely safe.

And, they are used in herbal medicine for erectile weak since ancient times to the quality of personal relationships. In addition, they are beneficial to the reproductive system and nervous system. So, there are some basic herbs used in herbal medicine for the next weak erections mentioned that could help to solve problems is key.

A. Abhrak Bhasma is an important part of herbal medicine for erectile weak, as it helps in the regeneration of tissues and cells of the reproductive system to improve the quality of erections. Also, rejuvenate the body by enhancing the function of various organs. In addition, regulate the body's metabolism. And, improve blood circulation to support cell regeneration, and tissue.

2. Kul Vidang thousand years has been used in herbal medicine for erectile weak, because it improves brain function. Also, the herb to treat nervous weakness. Furthermore, exercise stimulates the glands that produce hormones.

3. Shilajit known as the best rejuvenation. And, it is used in herbal medicine for erectile weak, because it strengthens the nervous system to prevent build problems. Also, it is useful in the treatment of impotence. In addition, increasing the number of sperm in the treatment of male infertility the underlying fluid.