Headaches may occur at the worst possible time, turning your day into a nightmare.

Which can be triggered by the lack of stress, rest, a strong odor, dehydration, noise, glare from too much light, or schedule changes from your normal routine.

They can start at the bottom of the neck, around the temples or around your eyes and may worsen as the day continues.

But the most important thing you need to remember them on how to get rid of headaches fast before they can grow, and you have a horrible throbbing, aching and pain. Here are the top 3, I suggest home remedies to get rid of headaches fast.

If you start to feel a headache coming, sit down immediately in a quiet place and apply a cold compress directly on the area where pain is one of the worst and leave it there for fifteen minutes.

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Cold treatments are often good to relieve pain and reduce swelling of tension headaches and migraines both. If you start to feel better after fifteen minutes of cold compress, remove it and then after a few other cold pack in place.

If after fifteen minutes, you do not notice any ease the headache, remove the battery cool and apply warm compresses instead. The temperature of heat transfer from cold to cause blood vessels in your head to change the size. Some varieties that will improve the use of cold treatments.

It is likely that other types of headaches (for example, muscle tension) do better if you keep alternating hot and cold compresses. Pay attention to your body and try to note what works best for you.

The first important thing to remember is to drink water. If you have a day of work or are out of your normal daily routine, you miss meals or drinking enough fluids.

Not enough water to stimulate massive headache. When you sit down with a cold, it would be a great time for a drink of water. If you are dehydrated, your headache should start to decrease in strength.

Your body will also use water to cleanse themselves of impurities and toxins that have additional need to eliminate, to help you feel better faster.

Finally, try to relax with a massage. This will ease the pain caused by knots, spasms and "trigger points" in sore muscles for your head and neck. If a friend is nearby, he or she must massage the most painful part of your head gently with small circular movements.

If you are alone, your own work and fingers. After massaging the area is tender, take a few minutes to massage your temples, skull base, and the area immediately in front of the ears.

Massage the ears just seem to be also provided to help relieve a headache for many people. Breathe deeply throughout the massage and try to relax as much as possible.

The three home remedies work best if you start treatment within 10 minutes after the headache began. The sooner you drink a glass of water and ice, the best effect.