Lung Cancer is one type of cancer that currently growing niche to progress more rapidly when compared with other types of cancer to another. Lung Cancer more difficult, to detect Because, According to research 25 percent of lung cancer has no symptoms when diagnosed, but when Incidentally Discovered a CT scan for another examination.

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While several other studies found that the survival of lung cancer around 60-80 per cent Patients if it is found in stage 1, but its success will come down as much as 10 percent if it has entered a stage 4. Because it is Necessary to know the early symptoms are common in lung cancer Patients.

1. A cough persists that Assume That Many people just suffered a cough due to allergies, but if it Lasts for Several weeks that means the result of other health conditions. Lung cancer is also often overlooked when previously the patient had a history of asthma. Immediately advised to see a doctor if cough continuously and does not go away even more intense and growing niche to bleed.

2. Pain in shoulder, back, chest, or arm Lung cancer may cause pain in the shoulder, chest, back, or arm because the nerves are suppressed. If you feel pain in one part of the body but is not related to the injury, then you should consult a physician.

3. Blown Shortness of breath due to lung cancer is different from shortness of breath Caused by age and weight. When all of a sudden feel shortness of breath during activity, do not hesitate to see a doctor.

4. Weight loss one that symptom is easy to feel the weight when all of a sudden drop in the ratio is large enough numbers.

5. Such as recurrent infections bronchitis s and pneumonia although not common, but need to be Sometimes Patients treated for lung cancer due to repeated bronchitis or pneumonia. If the tumor is located near the airway, it can cause damage. Recurrent infections Caused by constant smoking as COPD may be a symptom of lung cancer.